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If you are simply looking for some karaoke information without being bogged down with a lot of technical jargon then you have come to the right place. For those who are starting a new karaoke entertainment business there are tutorials on building your system, running a show, running a contest, promoting your business, and more. You will also find complete MP3+G™ information.

The home karaoke enthusiast will find information on the various home setups. You will learn how to have a karaoke system in your recreation room that will rival the sound of the professional systems. Find out how you can have a karaoke laptop computer just like the pros use.

Our karaoke forum has hundreds of members and is a great place to communicate with other karaoke enthusiasts. Whether you're a professional KJ, or just like to have karaoke in your home, you will find all the karaoke information you need here. Feel free to contact us with any karaoke related questions.

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