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How To Back Up Your Karaoke CDG Discs

It's a good idea to backup your CDG disc collection. They are expensive to replace and some discontinued discs may be very difficult or impossible to find. Many people wisely use copies of their discs while storing the originals safely away. There are two ways to backup your collection.

Create Duplicate Copies

It's a common misconception that CDG discs contain video. CDG is not a video format and your CDG discs will be copied to CD-R media. While even the cheapest CD-R may work, like with about everything else, you get what you pay for so opt for a good quality media. I highly recommend the MTU CD Recordable Media as it is engineered for CDG karaoke.

There was a time when you would need a "special" burner to copy CDG discs. You might have read where you must have a Plextor or a certain model of Sony burner. This is no longer the case. The new generation of CDG burning software allows you to use almost any modern CD/DVD burner.

Programs like Microstudio or Power CD+G Burner that are designed for the purpose of copying CDG discs make this as simple as importing the songs from the CDG disc to your hard drive and then burning the songs to a blank CD-R. You can make an exact duplicate of a CDG disc in just a few minutes.

Compressed Format

You can save a considerable amount of disc storage space if you rip the song tracks from your CDG discs to the MP3+G™ format. While MP3+G discs won't play in most karaoke machines, you can store over a hundred songs on a CD-R and over a thousand on a DVD-R by burning them as data. Songs ripped from a CDG disc to the MP3+G™ format at 128 kbps are about one tenth the size of the original. Power CD+G Burner is a very good program for ripping the song tracks from CDG discs to the MP3+G™ format. This same program can also be used to create CDG discs from MP3+G™ files.

If you would happen find that your burner does not work with these programs you might consider a CDG Certified Burner These burners are perfect for reading and writing CDG discs.

Article by Richard Wise. Follow me on Google+

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