The Best Karaoke Software Applications

There are some great karaoke software applications available for burning discs and ripping discs, converting between file formats, playing karaoke files and discs, creating songbooks, and hosting karaoke shows. On this page I will list some of the more popular of these programs with a little information on each.

CD+G Authoring

Karaoke CD+G Creator ads images and synchronized lyrics to MP3 or WAV sound tracks. Has a vocal remover feature. Outputs to a CD+G format that can be played with karaoke software players or used to create a CD+G disc.

Karaoke Home Producer lets you create a professional CD+G song track with a splash page, credits page, and synchronized lyrics. Designed for non-technical home users.

Power CD+G Stamper is not actually a CD+G authoring program but allows you to protect your CD+G collection by adding your customized text to the song graphics.

CD+G Disc Burners

Microstudio is a creation of MTU who is one of the pioneers in karaoke software. This program will copy karaoke CD+G discs and create them from BIN, KMA, and MP3+G™ files. Creates custom compilation discs. It will also play karaoke files and CD+G discs and has vocal reducer, key control, and recording features.

Power CD+G Burner from Power Karaoke is a great tool to have in your karaoke software collection. It is unsurpassed as a CD+G disc burner, ripper, and file converter. Creates custom compilation discs. With an internet connection it accesses FreeDB online karaoke disc databases to automatically name ripped files. BIN, CDG, KMA, MCG, MP3+G™, and ZIP files are supported.

File Converters

Elite Conversion Tools from TriceraSoft will rip song tracks from CD+G discs and convert between several file types. BIN, KMF, MP3+G™, WAV+G, and ZIP files are supported.

Power CD+G to MP4 Converter will convert CD+G disc song tracks, BIN, and MP3+G™ files to iPod compatible MP4 files.

Power CD+G to Video Converter will convert CD+G disc song tracks, BIN, and MP3+G™ files to AVI or MPEG video files that can be played from SD cards and USB devices in many modern karaoke machines.

Karaoke Hosting Applications

Siglos Karaoke Professional from Power Karaoke is also a full featured hosting application that supports BIN, MP3+G™, MP3+G™ Zipped, KMA, MIDI Karaoke (MID and KAR), as well as AVI, and MPG, video files. Will also play CD+G discs.

Video Hoster with Song Book Creator from MTU is the only all-in-one hosting solution. A full featured hosting application that also imports songs from CD+G plus creates and prints song books. Other hosting software requires three separate programs to all of this. Supported file types BIN, MP3+G™, WMA+G, AVI, MPG, and WMV. Supported discs CD+G, DVD, and VCD.

Karaoke Playing Software

Power CD+G Player Pro plays CD+G discs, BIN, MP3+G™, and ZIP karaoke files, and AVI and MPG video files. Supports playlists and has digital key control.

Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder plays CD+G discs, BIN, MIDI, MP3+G™, and ZIP files karaoke files. Has digital key control and records your singing performance.


CDG Ripper rips song tracks from CD+G discs to BIN, MP3+G™, and MP3+G™ Zipped files. Connects to FreeDB to automatically name song files.

Power CD+G Burner is the preferred CD+G ripper of many professionals and it has obvious added bonuses.

Power SCDG Ripper rips songs from Super CDG discs to BIN, MP3+G™, or ZIP files.

Song Book Creators

Pilot Song Book Creator will scan a hard drive directory for karaoke files and create a song book database that is used to print out customizable song books.

Video Karaoke Authoring

Karaoke Video Creator is used for creating karaoke songs in an AVI or MPG video format. MP3 and WAV files may be used as the soundtrack and a vocal remover is included. Created karaoke songs may be used with an iPhone and iPod.

Vocal Reducers

Karaoke Sound Tools features include a vocal remover, key changer, and tempo changer. All tools have fine tuning adjustments. Supported file types BIN, MP3, MP3+G™, and WAV.

Vogone Advanced Vocal Eliminator is the leading professional vocal remover that can remove other than just center panned vocals while preserving the quality of the music. Supported file types are BIN. KMA, MP3, MP3+G™, WMA+G, WAV, WAV+G, and ZIP.

Vogone Easy does not offer all the settings found in Vogone Advanced.

Article by Richard Wise. Follow me on Google+

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