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To be a professional karaoke host you must have a substantial library of popular songs in various genres. Your music collection will almost certainly become your biggest karaoke system investment. It will take some strategizing on your part to build your song library while minimizing duplicate song titles.

Duplicate song titles, by typical definition, are songs with the same title and same artist. There are many songs that have been done by various artists in their individual styles. In these instances the same song in the style of a different artist would not be considered a duplicate. For example, the song "Knocking On Heaven's Door" is quite different in the style of Guns N' Roses as compared to Bob Dylan's version.

The CD+G karaoke format is far and away the most popular and offers many more song titles than any other. The compressed version of this format, MP3+G, is supported by all karaoke hosting applications. For these reasons you should focus on building your song library from this format alone.

You will be well served to heed this advice. Beware of loaded hard drives. The price per song may be so ridiculously low that it's hard to turn down but there is a good reason for this. The songs are being sold illegally. If you get caught with these songs you could find yourself the target of a law suit. The only exceptions being the hard drives sold for the KOD karaoke machines by a reputable dealer like Ace Karaoke or those offered as part of the Karaoke Cloud system.

The overwhelming majority of songs are still only available on CD+G discs. These discs are sold at numerous local and online locations. There are department and music stores that sell CD+G discs but the selection is very limited and the prices are likely to be higher than with online resources. Auction sites like eBay are a great place to start.

The first discs to look for are the ones that come as a "song package". These are a series of discs released by one manufacturer. They will often be offered as separate packages. Some examples are the Chartbuster Essential 450 Collections, the DK Karaoke Millennium Series, and the Sound Choice Foundation and Brick series. The advantage of these collections is that there are no duplicate songs within a manufacturer's series. Of course there will be many duplicate songs between the manufacturers.

Another option is to try to locate failed karaoke companies who are selling off their disc collection. Perhaps place a "wanted ad" on some online classifieds sites or in karaoke related forums. Some great deals can be made this way. Just make sure that you are getting the original disc and not a copy. Insist on close-up photos of the discs before committing to buying them

There are only a few karaoke song manufacturers currently releasing new music. Most likely the majority of the discs you find will be from companies that are no longer in business. It is going to take a good bit of work on your part to build a library of songs as economically as possible by keeping duplicate songs to a minimum.

The other source of CD+G songs is the MP3+G file format. These are compressed versions of CD+G song tracks much like MP3 files are compressed versions of standard CD audio tracks. There are sites like Karaoke Version where these song files can be individually bought and downloaded. The benefit of this is that you can choose only the songs you want as opposed to buying discs where you get whatever comes on them. At Ace Karaoke Karaoke Cloud song packs can be downloaded. The MP3+G song files can be used to create CD+G discs with the proper software. This is explained in detail on the How to Burn CD+G Discs page.

Karaoke has not escaped this age of computers. The trend is to perform karaoke from a laptop using hosting software and karaoke files stored on a hard drive. If this is your intention the song tracks from your CD+G discs must be ripped to the MP3+G or Zipped MP3+G format. Full information on this can be found on the Transfer CDG Song Tracks to a Hard Drive page.

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