How to Burn a Karaoke CD+G Disc

There are a few reasons why you would want to burn a CD+G disc. To make a duplicate copy of an original, to create a custom compilation disc from several other discs, or to create a disc from downloaded MP3+G files to use in your karaoke disc player. Whichever it is there is a great burning program available that make it simple. If your CD burner is fairly new it should work with this program.

I'm referring to Power CD+G Burner 2. This is an excellent karaoke burning application that is very easy to use. There is a demo version for you to try before buying the program.

Standard CD-R media is used when burning CD+G discs. Higher quality media will produce better and more consistent results and the better quality material makes for longer wearing discs. Never use CD-RW media because most karaoke machines cannot read them.

Copy a CD+G Disc

This is a very quick and easy process. Simply place a CD+G disc in the CD burner, click a button to import the disc contents to the computer's hard drive, when importing is finished remove the CD+G disc and place a blank CD-R in the CD burner, click the Burn button and in a few minutes you will have an exact duplicate CD+G disc. See a tutorial here.

Create a Custom Compilation CD+G Disc

Not a difficult process but it does take a little time to complete. See a tutorial here.

  • Place a CD+G disc in the computer's CD burner.
  • When the song tracks appear in the program select the ones you want.
  • Select the folder where you will temporarily store these songs.
  • Select BIN as the output format.
  • Start the rip process.
  • When the process is finished remove the the CD+G disc, insert the next one, and repeat the process.
  • Once you have the songs you want stored on the hard drive you will switch to Burn mode and burn them to a blank CD-R.
  • Approximately 18 songs will fit on an 80 minute CD-R.

Burn a CD+G Disc from MP3+G Files

Before the latest generation of karaoke burning software was created this was not a simple process. Because of the required encoding of the files it would take several programs to complete the task. Now one program will make short work of it. MP3+G downloads come as zip files to make them easier to manage. Both of these burning programs will work with zip files so there is no need to unzip them. Of course they both also work with MP3+G files that are not zipped. See a tutorial here

  • Place a blank CD-R in the CD burner.
  • Browse to the folder where the MP3+G files are stored.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key of your keyboard and select each song to be added to the disc with the mouse.
  • Click OK to add the songs to the burn list.
  • Click the Burn button and wait for your CD+G disc to be created.
This disc will play in virtually any karaoke machine.

Article by Richard Wise. Follow me on Google+

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