CDG Compatible Burners

CDG Burner
For a burner to be "CDG compatible" it needs to be able to read and write subchannel data. This is information that is written to the usually unused subchannel of a sound track. In a CDG song track this would be the graphic information in the form of lyrics and images.

Not long ago you would be told that you MUST have a Plextor or some other specific make and model of burner in order to burn a CDG disc. While you still need such a drive to be able to play CDG discs with some computer programs you no longer need one to make copies of CDG discs or to rip song tracks from them.

Modern software applications like Microstudio and Power CD+G Burner work with most modern burners. An easy way to find out if your burner is one of these is to download a trial copy of Power CD+G Burner and see if it works.

If you find that your burner will not read and write CD+G discs, here are a couple very economically priced burners that will.
AGPtek USB 2.0 External Slim Burner

Sony Optiarc 5280S-CB-PLUS Internal SATA DVD RW Burner

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