Create a YouTube Karaoke Video DVD

There are thousands of free karaoke videos available on YouTube. You can play these on your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, but did you know that you can create a DVD disc that contains hundreds of these videos? A DVD with a multi-level menu of the individual songs? One that will play in any DVD player? It's easier than you may think.

There is a program called Karaoke DVD Burner that is designed for placing CD+G song tracks on a DVD disc. It supports using songs from CD+G discs, MP3+G files, and zipped MP3+G files. It also supports AVI video files and this is where the YouTube videos come in. The karaoke videos can easily be saved and converted to avi files. There are programs that will do this but there are also websites that will download and convert YouTube videos for free.

One such website is At this site you simply paste the YouTube karaoke video link into the form field, select avi as the format to convert to, and click the convert button. In a few moments you will be able to download the avi file to your computer. It even provides a video search engine that lets you easily locate and convert karaoke videos. Simply type the word karaoke followed by a song title or artist name or both. Screenshot below.

Once you have your favorite karaoke videos saved to your computer it's time to create a DVD of them. The best program that I've found to do this is Karaoke DVD Burner. The limitations of the trial version are that only 1 minute of the song will be converted and a banner will be displayed over the lyrics and on menu screens. When you purchase the program you will receive an unlock code that removes all the limitations. It is well worth the price of $49 in my opinion. Read on and you'll see why.

When you first run the program you will be presented with the Disc Wizard dialog. Click the Cancel button to close this.

Disc wizard dialog.

Now click on the Settings button.

Click settings button.

The settings below should be fine in most cases. Only uncheck the Delete files after burning box if you plan on burning more than one copy of the DVD. Once the settings are correct click the OK button to close the settings dialog.


The style of the song menu can be altered to your liking. The style editor is not complicated and lets you change the background, colors, fonts, and navigation icons.

Style settings.

You should have all your karaoke video AVI files stored in a folder on your hard drive. All the videos should be properly named. The standard format would be like Song Title - Artist Name. For example: I Will Survive - Gaynor, Gloria.avi.

Now you need to decide how to organize the menu. If you don't have a lot of songs, or simply want them all displayed in one large list, then simply uncheck the Create folders box and continue to the step of adding songs. If you do have a lot of songs you may want to consider breaking them up into folders. To do this you would simply make a group of folders labeled from A to Z. Then place the songs in their appropriate folder. To do this start by right clicking on the word Karaoke in the left pane and click on Change folder name. Rename the folder to A.

Rename folder.

Right click in the pane again and click on Create new folder. Name this folder B. Continue doing this until you have created all the folders from A to Z.

Name new folder.

Now to add the AVI karaoke video files. If you elected to not create folders you would have unchecked the Create folders box and the folder pane would not be visible. In this case you would add all the files to the main menu. If you did chose to create folders you will add the song files to their appropriate folders. That is what we will do here.

Highlight the A folder in the left pane and click on the Add Song(s) button. In the dialog that pops up browse to the folder that contains the AVI karaoke videos. You must select All files from the Files of type dropdown in order to view the AVI files. Hold down the Ctrl key and select all the songs that begin with the letter A. Now click the OK button and they will be added to the A folder. Repeat this procedure over and over until all the songs have been added to their respective folders.

Add songs.

The DVD is now ready to be created and written to a DVD. Be advised that this process can take quite a while to complete. Depending on the number of songs it could take a few hours. It is recommended that you start this process right before you are going to be away from the computer for the day or right before you go to bed. That being said... load a blank DVD-R or DVD+R into the DVD burner. Now you will click on the Create and Burn button.

Click Create and Burn button.

Once the creation process has completed, the Burn dialog box will appear. The settings should be like shown below. The fasted burn speed is typically the best setting but may be reduced if errors occur during the burn process. Now it's time to click the Burn button and wait for the burn process to complete.

Creation process.

One the burn process has completed you will receive the Burn process has completed successfully message. Remove the DVD from the burner and go try it in your DVD player.

Burn process has completed successfully.

Article by Richard Wise. Follow me on Google+

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