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KJ-free private room - how to setup hardware & software

How would you handle these situations?
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KJ-free private room - how to setup hardware & software

Post by rustcat » Thu May 11, 2017 10:07 am

This is a fantastic resource - I'm looking to open a small Asian lounge for private groups and seeking some wisdom here.

Bookings by groups of 10-12 for a 2-hour slot in the karaoke room. Of course, it would best for a KJ to be present to handle everything - but the guests may not like having a stranger in the room where they're letting loose. So I'm wondering how to setup the system so it's easy to use and idiot-proof as well.

Main source of video tracks with be a PC hooked up to 3-4 screens. Singers must be able to easily search, queue and play the tracks quickly.
They may want to use their phones/devices or even the chip-embedded karaoke microphones. For this, I'm guessing I'll need to have a video-source switcher - is there a software-based way of doing this? Audio through a PA system to speakers and monitors. I want to totally stay away from wireless, bluetooth or even Internet on my system if feasible - reducing potential errors. Everything should ideally be easy to figure out without much hand-holding - they can buzz for tech support if needed, but interruptions take away from the pleasure.

Bottom line: is it viable to have a KJ-free (but available on call) private room with a great user experience?



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