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Drunk, late and wants to sing.

How would you handle these situations?
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Drunk, late and wants to sing.

Post by Bigdog » Sat Jul 19, 2008 4:33 am

Tonight after I made last call a guy walks across the parking lot from the bar next door. Visably not with it. May have been shut off over there.

Now somehow he slipped in past the bouncers that card everyone. He comes up and wants to sing. I have second thoughts but put him in as the last singer. I tell him he will be up in 3. Well right when song #2 starts he disappears in the mens room. At the end of song # 2 he is still not around. So I make me final announcement as I start the intro to Goodnite Sweetheart. Half way thorough the song he shows. Too late now, I'm done. After I'm halfway wrapped up he comes up and says next time he puts in a song he wants to sing it. :evil:

Now before this I told my girlfriend to inform the bouncer about what just went down and keep an eye on him.

The bouncer tells her that he has been in there and caused trouble before wanting to fight everyone a few months ago.

Question #1 Why are they allowing him to stay there at this point?

They tell him to leave and he gives them a hard time. Later I see him going back to the other bar. A few minutes later he's on his way back and he's looking for me. The bouncers head him off and my girlfriend has had enough of him and uses the bar phone to call the cops.

The bouncers are in the parking lot with him and he is flipping out. Nothing physical but a lot of shouting. He finally gets in his car and leaves. The cops spot him down the road driving erratically and pull him over. Boys and girls can you spell DUI. :lol: He has a record and they know he's trouble.

Lesson #1. Don't mess with the KJ.

Lesson #2. Don't act like a jerk to the KJ.

Lesson #3. Don't be drunk and mess with the KJ.

Lesson #4. He won't be bothering me again, at this bar.

Lesson #5. DUIs cost a lot of money.

Question #2. Why did my girlfriend have call the cops if the bouncers knew he was trouble before? She was getting ready to kick his A&&.

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Post by letitrip » Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:37 am

Question #2. Why did my girlfriend have call the cops if the bouncers knew he was trouble before?

This is a question I've asked before and I actually got a pretty good answer from a police officer. Bars are leary of calling the cops because they get a record too. Bars with a high number of calls to the police have a harder time renewing liquor licenses. It's a no-win situation that the public have put the bars into. They way safe bars in their neighborhoods but then effectively limit the bar's use of one of the tools they have to keep it safe.

Now in your example, if it's a guy they know and have dealt with before, chances are they feel pretty confident they can manage the guy. They'll try to avoid any confrontation until he forces their hand and then they'll do what they can to get him away without involving authorities. It sucks but it is the world we live in. Until we start using a better way to measure which bars are the "bad apples", this isn't going to change any.
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Post by Bigdog » Sun Jul 20, 2008 4:59 am

Yeah but the thing that set her off was the fact that the bouncer told her that he was trouble. And they didn't immediately throw him out just because. She figured she would do the job they didn't seem to want to handle. And the fact that he was getting ready to get in my face.

I don't get paid enough to deal with anyones crap. She isn't going to stand by while someone is going to give me crap when there are 2 bouncers supposed to be watching the room. It took too long for them to react. She doesn't cut no slack for incompetence. And she said if the bar hates me too bad. It's not the first time there have been drunks that wanted a piece of me. But if the owners are there they are given a choice between me being there or the drunk.

Girlfriend was ready to go after him, herself. I handed her a metal speaker pole incase he came near while I was loading the equipment. She would have clocked him in a heartbeat.

There are too many drunks that are also on controlled substances that make you feel invincable. Bouncers/owners/bartenders/managers need to react fast to qwell problem people just because you don't really know what kind of high they are on.

The police were called because the bouncers/managers should have evicted the troublemaker as soon as they saw him in the bar again. PERIOD. Not after he starts trouble AGAIN. Being slow or stupid got the call made.

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Post by Bigdog » Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:28 am

Something to consider.

There is no "individual" that brings in more money to any bar I play than me.

No bar owner, no bartender (male or female), no manager, no bouncer, no singer, no patron (drunk or sober), no DJ, no KJ and a lot of bands can bring in more money than I do.

And all of the above can be replaced by someone else.

So that fact alone makes my safety the upper most priority. No one can replace me. If I quit your stupid bar because you don't/can't/won't take care of my safety, you will be the big loser. And I have walked on many a stupid bar owner before.

Can't protect me and the income I bring in, then the cops get a call.

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