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New mics

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New mics

Postby DanG2006 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:06 am

I recently bought two new wireless mic systems for my system. One mic I absolutely love but have not played out with it and the other system has 2 headset mics. I have tried to use those in a show but I believe that they are running too hot and I didn't have a screwdriver available to adjust the gains in the transmitters. The new one that I have only used at home for recording is a handheld whose receiver will plug into the USB port of a computer or a USB port of my mixer. I have not decided whether or not to plug it into my laptop to give me extra mic inputs on the mixer or to plug it into the mixer. If I plug it into the mixer I lose the use of one of the mic inputs because the mixer's controls that are designed to work with the USB port was designed for the dual mic version of my new mic. It also gives me a wireless mic system for use at a bar where all I really need to bring in is my laptop. Their mics are all wired mics. Now if I choose to replace a grill on an old wireless system that I have I can have three handheld wireless mics and save the wired mics for the off chance that the batteries die on me and I don't have any spares available to switch. I usually carry extra on me and at the bar shows actually like to change batteries every show to avoid that situation, which has only happened once to me.

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