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Virtually all MP3+G songs worth having come from commercial karaoke CD+G discs. Any website that offered free downloads of these MP3+G™ songs would not be online for long. There are a few paces where you can find them. Read on if you want the facts.

You may not be aware of the fact that thousands of karaoke songs that were released on now defunct disc brands cannot be purchased anywhere. You won't be able to find the discs, even on auction sites, and the pay-per-song websites do not have the rights to sell them. These songs exist solely in private collections in the form of MP3+G files.

So how do you get access to these private collections? Basically, one of three places.

File Sharing Channels

Definitely the most viable option, these channels are where virtually every karaoke song ever released can be found and downloaded. Most of these channels require that every member have a working file server and are actively sharing files. Today, virtually all of these channels are by invitation only. So if you don't know someone who is a member, or possibly even an operator, you will not be allowed to join.

The KaraokeInfo website sells a guide, with step by step instructions and required software, that makes downloading free MP3+G files easy. Once set up you will get unlimited MP3+G downloads forever. They teach you how to set up an IRC client (included) for file sharing and downloading and give you the required permission to join the channel. This can be a daunting task on your own, especially for someone who is not computer savvy. You're smart to be leery of this type of thing but this is one that delivers.

P2P Applications and Torrents

Torrent sites, and programs like LimeWire that access the Gnutella file sharing network, will often find those sharing karaoke files.They will even more often find computer viruses.


Some newsgroups, like alt.binaries.sounds.karaoke, have karaoke files posted by users for download. Requires a knowledge of newsgroups and binary downloads. Many ISPs no longer provide newsgroup access.

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