Karaoke Software

Karaoke Software
While there are still many people who use disc players and karaoke discs, the trend is moving toward computer software players and song files. The song tracks are "ripped" from karaoke CD+G discs to the MP3+G computer karaoke file format. Karaoke songs can now also be purchased as MP3+G files. This allows all the songs to be stored on a hard drive and played with a software player thus eliminating the need to store and handle discs.

Software can also be used to make recordings of a singing performance and save it to a format that can be shared with others online or used to create an audio CD. Hosting software is what the professional use to run their karaoke shows but is also commonly used by the home karaoke enthusiast to host private parties. Disc burning software is used to make backup copies of karaoke discs, create custom compilation karaoke discs, or to rip the songs from karaoke discs to MP3+G files.

There are utility software programs for removing the lead vocals form standard sound tracks, permanently changing the key and tempo of karaoke songs, and converting karaoke songs to various file formats for use with assorted devices like iPhones, iPods, etc.. There are authoring programs that will let you create your own karaoke song tracks with onscreen lyrics.

How To Give Software As A Gift

While karaoke software may sound like an unconventional gift it can actually be one of the most useful gifts you will find. As with most other software these days, karaoke software can be purchased as a download only. This gives you instant access to the software but it does pose a slight problem as to how to give it as a gift. The solution is quite simple.

When you purchase a software download you will receive an email that contains an unlock code and registration information that removes all the limitations of the demo version. You will simply copy the contents of the email to a text file in Notepad,, save it to your desktop, and then burn it to a blank CD-R along with the installation program. Label the disc, place it in a jewel case, wrap it up, and your gift is ready. Alternatively, you may simply copy the registration information and installation program to a USB thumb drive, place the thumb drive in a jewelry box, and wrap it up.

Below are some of the most popular karaoke software programs available. They are sorted into three categories.

Players and Recorders

Power CD+G Player Pro Power CD+G Player Pro was designed for the home user and has features like support for MP3+G and zipped MP3+G, CDG disc playback from CDROM drive, playlists, and digital key control. $39.00

Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder was designed for the home user, and has all the features of Power CD+G Player, but adds the ability to record your karaoke singing performance and has support for playing YouTube karaoke videos. The saved recordings can be used to share online, played in portable players, or used to create an audio CD. $49.00

JustKaraoke JustKaraoke is a karaoke "hosting" application that has additional features like split display, song search, singer rotation, singer history, ambient music, next singer display, and others used in performing karaoke shows. $49.95

Siglos Karaoke Professional Siglos Karaoke Professional is another karaoke "hosting" application that has the additional feature of playing karaoke discs. Searches for and plays YouTube karaoke videos. $99.00

Utility Programs

Power CD+G Burner Power CD+G Burner 2 is an essential program for anyone who uses karaoke CDG discs. This one program allows you to easily copy CDG discs, create custom compilation CDG discs, rip song tracks from CDG discs to the MP3+G computer karaoke file format while automatically naming the files, and convert between several karaoke file formats. It will also create CDG discs from downloaded MP3+G files. The CDG discs created with Power CD+G Burner will play in virtually any karaoke machine. $39.00

Microstudio Microstudio, allows you to easily copy CDG discs, create custom compilation CDG discs, and rip song tracks from CDG discs to the MP3+G computer karaoke file format It has added features like playing CDG discs, playing karaoke files, built in vocal reducer for standard songs, digital key control, and a recording function. $89.99

Karaoke Sound Tools Karaoke Sound Tools 2 is an audio processor that features a vocal reducer, key changer, and tempo changer, in one application. $49.00

Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter 2 converts song tracks from CDG discs, and MP3+G files, into iPod-compatible mp4 video files. $39.00

Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter 2 converts song tracks from CDG discs, and MP3+G files, into AVI or MPG video files. $39.00

Karaoke Song Authoring

Karaoke CD+G Creator Karaoke CD+G Creator is a CDG Karaoke authoring tool that allows you to create CD+G karaoke songs from scratch. Often there is a desired song that has not been released as karaoke. $99.00

Karaoke Home Producer Karaoke Home Producer lets you create your own professional karaoke CDG songs with a title page, lyrics highlighting to the music, and a credits page at the end. $69.99

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