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Would you like to be able to create your own karaoke CDG song tracks? Possibly because there are some songs you would like to have that are not available on any commercial karaoke discs. There is software available to allow you to do this. The process is fairly simple and anyone can learn to use the software in a short time.

The biggest drawback is finding, or creating, quality backing tracks. Some CDG authoring software includes a utility to remove or reduce the vocals from a standard song track. The problem is that these "vocal reducers" are not effective on all songs and usually degrade the quality of the music to some degree.

There is a program called Vogone Advanced Vocal Eliminator that gives you much more control over the vocal removing process. The alternative is have the backing tracks professionally created which can be quite expensive.

Once you have a backing track the next step is to synchronize the lyrics. The basic procedure is to import a text file that contains the lyrics into the CDG authoring program. While the music is playing the keyboard space key is tapped to time the lyrics with the audio. It takes a little practice but very good results can be obtained. The finished song track is saved in a format that can be used to create a CD+G disc (with the proper burning program) or played with computer software.

The title page setup is fairly straight forward. As you can see there are quite a few settings for personalizing this scene. You could use a 16 color image in place of the text if you prefer. There are several transition effects available.
Title Page Setup

The lyrics and music import panel. The lyrics are imported from a text file or may be manually added and edited here. The music can be an MP3 or WAV file.
Lyrics and Music Import Panel

The lyrics settings panel is much like the title page panel and offers several options.
Lyrics Setup Panel

The lyrics placement panel where the space key is tapped to synchronize the lyrics with the music.
Lyrics Placement

Another use for the CDG authoring software is to create advertising CDG tracks. These could be used to advertise upcoming events and are great for displaying karaoke contest rules and instructions prior to the contest start time. Standard songs may be used as background music while your information (instead of lyrics) is displayed on the monitor(s).

Some popular CDG authoring applications:
Karaoke Home Producer

Karaoke CD+G Creator

Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro

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