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Karaoke Cloud
Cloud computing is basically anything involving the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Some examples are remote storage of files, virtual software, information sharing, and streaming media. When it comes to music, cloud computing will mean that you no longer buy song downloads but instead buy a subscription to an online music library.

The karaoke cloud feature will be integrated into participating karaoke hosting software applications. For a monthly or annual fee the professional karaoke host will have access to a large library of karaoke music. The songs will be searchable by artist, title, and lyric snippets.

One obvious advantage of the cloud is that it allows a start-up karaoke host to offer a large music selection without investing thousands of dollars. It also allows the many illegal karaoke hosts using pirated music to quickly become legit.

The cloud system has elicited mixed reactions from the professional KJ community. Many karaoke hosts have spent years and thousands of dollars building their karaoke music collection and now any start-up KJ can compete with them with a very small investment. Others bring up the point that you don't own any of the songs that you are paying to play. When the subscription runs out so does your song library.

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