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MP3+G™ is a creation of TriceraSoft and is a compressed version of a karaoke CD+G disc song track. The MP3+G™ format is used by most karaoke hosting applications and is perfect for backing up karaoke CD+G song tracks.

Each MP3+G™ song consists of two files, one cdg and one mp3. While the cdg file is not compressed the mp3 is just like a standard wav file that has been compressed to mp3. This allows the MP3+G™ song to take up typically one eighth the disc space as a full sized CDG song track.

The two files of an MP3+G™ must be named identically (with the exception of their file extensions). The two files are often "zipped" together to create a single file for ease of manipulation. Nearly all modern karaoke burning and hosting software applications support zipped MP3+G™.

MP3+G™ song files are typically created by "ripping" the song tracks from CDG discs with software like Power CD+G Burner. This program will also automatically name the files from an online database and rip directly to the MP3+G™ zipped format if selected. The error correction afforded by this program assures unsurpassed quality of the rips.

Downloading MP3+G™ Files

There are four basic sources where MP3+G™ downloads can be obtained. Pay-per-song websites like TriceraSoft, certain USENet newsgroups, torrents, and file sharing channels of the IRC network.

The KaraokeInfo website sells a guide, with step by step instructions and required software, that makes downloading free MP3+G™ files easy.

Burning MP3+G™ Files To Disc

In order to create CDG discs from MP3+G™ files the two files of each song must be encoded together to create a single bin file. With the proper software and burner the bin file can be written to a blank CD-R. To discover an easy way of doing this see the MP3+G to Karaoke CDG Disc tutorial.

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