Play Karaoke CD+G Discs On Your Computer

There are no longer any really good reasons to play CD+G discs on a computer. You might want to test discs that you have burnt but in reality there is no guarantee that discs that play in the CD drive will play in a karaoke machine. For one example, a CD drive will play CD-RW discs and most karaoke machines won't. Today the trend is to rip the songs from karaoke discs to the hard drive and play them from there.

The above being said, to play a karaoke CD+G disc on your computer you simply need the right disc drive and the right software player. To display the graphics (images and lyrics) on your monitor your disc drive must be able to read the "subchannel data" from a CD+G disc.

Just because your drive's stats don't mention anything about CD+G it doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't compatible. The easiest way to find out for sure is to download and install a program like Power CD+G Player Pro and try to play a CD+G disc.

Article by Richard Wise. Follow me on Google+

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