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There are several types of karaoke discs available. Companies like CAVS and RSQ have created their own disc format that can be played only in their machines. CD+G is by far the most popular karaoke disc type and offers the most song titles. Below you will find brief descriptions of the various disc types.


The karaoke CDG, also known as CD+G (Compact Disc plus Graphics), is very similar to a standard audio CD. The difference lies in the graphic data (lyrics and images) that is embedded in the unused sub-channel of the disc. The audio portion of a CDG can be played with a standard CD player. A karaoke player is required to display the graphics on a monitor.

None of the commercial karaoke discs contain background music performed by the original artist. This is one reason why the quality of the music varies so greatly between name brands. Price does not always indicate the quality of a CDG.

Sound Choice discs, for example, are usually the most expensive brand. Although they are a high quality disc, they are not superior to some of the less expensive bands such as Chartbuster, Pop Hits Monthly, and Sunfly. I base this on my own experience as well as the vast amount of feedback I have received from other KJ's.

It's very important to keep your CDG's in good condition. They are more sensitive than the standard audio CD. Fine scratches or even a fingerprint can cause them to skip or cause the graphics to become scrambled. You will not be able to avoid the damage that occurs from normal use.

You can however minimize it by avoiding the use of a storage system that utilizes sleeves to hold the discs. Inspect your disc regularly for fingerprints and smudges. Water and a very soft cloth can be used to clean them. Never use any type of mineral spirit based cleaner.

Not all scratches on the bottom side of a disc cause problems. Unexplainably, some very noticeable scratches will have no negative effect while a very fine scratch may render the disc unusable. I'm stating this to make the point that you can't always tell the condition of the disc just by looking at it.

If a CDG is clean, but it still skips or scrambles the graphics, you will need to polish the bottom (not the label side) surface. There are numerous CD polishing compounds available. Some work very well while others seem to do nothing at all. Disc Repair Pro has always worked well for me. NEVER wax your discs with car wax or anything else. I know someone who ruined his entire collection this way.


DVD karaoke discs typically contain synchronized lyrics superimposed over a video background.

MP3+G™ Discs

MP3+G™ is a compressed version of a CD+G disc song track and is the standard format used by virtually all karaoke hosting software. Some karaoke music manufacturers provide their songs in this format on compact discs. Very few karaoke disc players will play MP3+G™ discs although a few newer players will play this format from a USB device or SD card. Learn more about this format on the MP3+G Information page.


From RSQ this format allows for hundreds of compressed CD+G song tracks (MP3+G files) to be placed on a DVD disc. You must have an RSQ NEO-G player to play these discs. The company offers a free program that lets you create NEO-G discs from MP3+G files.

Super CDG or SCDG

This DVD media disc utilizes a compressed CD+G like format that allows for hundreds (possibly thousands) of karaoke songs to be placed on a single disc. You have to have a SCDG player to play these discs and these players are currently produced only by CAVS.

The up side to this format is that you will have less discs to store, fewer disc changes during a show, and the price per song. The down side is that you need a special player, the inability to update just a few songs, and the fact that if an SCDG disc becomes unusable you will lose hundreds of songs at one time.


Most non-English karaoke discs are in this format. These are CD's that typically contain video karaoke song tracks.

Karaoke Disc ID's

Below is a list of Disc ID's used by karaoke disc manufacturers. Discs are CD+G unless otherwise noted.

A1S A1 Smash
ABV All Beauty VCD
AC All Country Karaoke
AHM All Hit Karaoke Maxx Pack
AH All Hits
AHVP All Hits Variety Pack
ASB All Star Karaoke Best Of Season
ASK All Star Karaoke
ASF All Star Karaoke Fun Pack
ASH All Star Karaoke Hybrid
AMG American Gold
AK American Karaoke
AMS AmeriSing
AMM A-Minor Music
AR Arbitor
APK Around the World Karaoke - Phillipino DVD
AVF Cantare Disc Set
AZFD Best of Ace Zone VCD
BAK Big Apple Karaoke SCD+G
BB Billboard Karaoke
BCI BCI Eclipse
BCY Big Country
BDHD Best of Decades Hits DVD
BHZ Big Hitz
BK Best Karaoke
BF Big Fish Christian
BL Legend Baseline
BMTS Big Machine Records
BOK Best of Karaoke
BRDD Best of Romatic Duets DVD
BRSP Bright Spark
BS Backstage
BSRD Best of Soft Rock DVD
BSSD Best of Superstars DVD
BSTV Best of the Best Karaoke VCD
C2C Coast 2 Coast
CB Chartbuster Karaoke
CB6 Chartbuster 6+6 Series
CBA Chartbuster Artist Series
CBDDB Chartbuster JVC Starter Pack
CBDP Chartbuster Sampler Pack
CBER Chartbuster Essential 450 Revised
CBES Chartbuster Essential 450
CBESP Chartbuster Essential Plus
CBFL Chartbuster Fleco Starter Pack
CBG Chartbuster Gospel
CBI Chartbuster Karaoke Idols
CBK Chartbuster Karaoke Gold
CBKPT Chartbuster Karaoke Party Tunes
CBM Chartbuster Hits of Year
CBP Chartbuster Professional
CBR Chartbuster 50 Greatest Song Series Revised
CBRH Chartbuster Radio Hitz
CBS Chartbuster Specialty
CBSS Chartbuster Super Star
CHC Current Hits Karaoke
CHL Country Hit List
CHMC Chart Hits Monthly Country
CHMF Country Hits Monthly Female
CHMM Country Hits Monthly Male
CHM Country Hits Monthly
CHMP Chart Hits Monthly Pop
CHP Current Hits Karaoke Pop
CHT Country Hits Today
CKC Country Karaoke Classics
CRK Craig Karaoke
CT City Entertainment World VCD
CTCV Coast To Coast VCD
CTFP Cool Tracks Fun Pack
CTG Chart Toppers
CVSG Cavs Super Hits and Sampler SCD+G
CZ Country Starz
DG Dangerous
DGH Dangerous Hot Hits
DK DKKaraoke
DKDX DKKaraoke Deluxe
DKF DKKaraoke Favorites
DKH DKKaraoke Hip Hop
DKL DKKaraoke Laser
DKM DKKaraoke Millennium
DM Doctor Music
DPT Druid Performance Tracks
EK Essential Karaoke
FC Fat Cockerel
FCL Fat Cockerel Laser
FM FM Christmas
FP Fun Pack
GEKV Best Songs of Karaoke VCD
HCG Honky Cat
HKG Homestar Karaoke
HL Hot Line
HMD Hot Music DVD
HSC Hot Stuff - Country
HSP Hot Stuff - Pop
HSPAK Hot Stuff Pak
HV Helluvadisc
JV JVC Karaoke
JVC JVC Karaoke
KB Karaoke Box
KBA Karaoke Bay
KC Karaoke Classics
KK Killer Karaoke
KL Karaoke Latino
KPP Karaoke Party Pack
LBP Legend Bassline
LC Lost Classics
LG Legends Series
LGB Legends Broadway
LGK Laughing Gnome Karaoke
LGTP Legends Teen Pack
LKC Pioneer Laser
MC2 Music Maestro Gold Pack Millenium
MDL Mega Disk Laser
MDV Mega Disk VCD
MG Megahits
MH Monster Hits
MHPK Monster Hits 10 Pak
MM Music Maestro
MMBH Music Maestro Broadway To Hollywood
MMBK Music Maestro Big Karaoke Club
MMCH Music Maestro Classic Hits
MMCHPK Music Maestro Country Hits Pack
MMCOU Music Maestro Country Club Pack
MMCP Music Maestro Club Pack
MMGCOU Music Maestro Gold Pack
MMGP Music Maestro Gold Pack Master
MMHC Music Maestro Hot Country Hits
MMOLD Music Maestro Oldies Club Pack
MMRB Music Maestro R&B Pack
MMRP Music Maestro Rock & Roll Pack
MMTOP Music Maestro Top Hits Club
MMVE Music Maestro Velvet Elvis
MRE Mr. Entertainer
MSV Mega Star VCD
MV Megavox
NKL Nikkodo Laser
NS Nashville Sounds
NSC NorthStar Country
NSP NorthStar Pop
NT NuTech
NTL NuTech Laser Disc
NUKH Karaoke Hits
PC Performer's Choice
PD Pioneer DVD
PDVD Playboy DVD
PH Pro Hits
PHGH Pop Hits Monthly Greatest Hits
PMD Power Music DVD
PHM Pop Hits Monthly
PHN Pop Hits Monthly Nashville
PHR Pop Hits Monthly Rock
PHT Pop Hits Today
PHU Pop Hits Monthly Urban
PI Pioneer
PS Pocket Songs
PSJT Pocket Songs Just Tracks
PSM Pop Singles Monthly 9+9
PSPR Pocket Songs Proscenium
PR Priddis
PT Performance Tracks
PWD Power Star DVD
PX Protrax
QH Quick Hitz
QHA Quick Hitz Artist Series
QHC Quick Hitz Country
PIC Pop Idol
RB Rhythm & Blues
RCA RCA Karaoke
RCK Rare Cuts
RLV Romantic Love Songs VCD
RMD Romantic Memories DVD
RMV Romantic Memories VCD
RS Rising Star
RSV Romantic Songs VCD
RSX Rebels Sync
RT Retro Classics
RSZ Radio Starz
SAK Single Artist Karaoke
SAV SAV Karaoke
SC Sound Choice
SCB Sound Choice Brickette
SCCHP Sound Choice Country Hits Pak
SCF2 Sound Choice Foundation 2
SCFC Sound Choice Female Country
SCFP Sound Choice Female Pop
SCHP Sound Choice Holiday Pak
SCL Sound Choice Star Series Latin
SCMC Sound Choice Male Country
SCN American Idol/Nashville Star Sound Choice
SCP Sound Choice Party Songs
SCPHP Sound Choice Party Hits Pak
SCPR Sound Choice Pop/Rock Hits Pak
SCXM Sound Choice Christmas
SD Star Disc
SDK Singers Dream Karaoke
SDK Star Disc Kids Series
SDTP Star Disc 10 Pack
SF Sunfly
SFC SunFly Corrs
SFCC SunFly Casino Classics
SFL Sunfly Laser
SFMW SunFly Most Wanted
SFOP SunFly Opera
SFPK Song Factory 5 Pack
SFST SunFly Scottish
SFV Sunfly VCD
SFY Song Factory
SGB Sweet Georgia Brown
SGBFP Sweet Georgia Brown Fun Pack
SGBSP Sweet Georgia Brown Super Pop Pac
SI Sound Images
SINC Sing It Now Karaoke Country
SK Superstar Karaoke
SKK Sing King Karaoke
SM Singing Machine
SMKR Starmaker
SO Standing Ovation
SPC Supercore
SPX Super Trax
ST Screen Tracks
ST Star Tracks
STL SpaceTech Laser
STS Stage Stars
SY SyberSound Party Tyme
THBC Top Hits Monthly Best Country Hits
THBM Top Hits Monthly Beautiful Music
THBP Top Hits Monthly Best Pop
THBR Top Hits Monthly Best Rock
THC Top Hits Monthly Country
THD Top Hits Monthly Dance
THCOL Top Hits Monthly Collector's
THGBS Top Hits Monthly Greats
THK Top Hits Monthly Kids
THL Top Hits Karaoke Laser
THM Top Hits Monthly
THME Top Hits Monthly Elvis
THMF Top Hits Monthly Flashback
THMP Top Hits Monthly Platinum
THP Top Hits Monthly Pop
THR Top Hits Monthly Rock
THPP Top Hits Monthly Platinum Plus
THV Top Hits Karaoke VCD
THVC Top Hits Monthly VCD Country
THVP Top Hits Monthly VCD Pop
THXMAS Top Hits Monthly Christmas
TT Tip Top
TT Top Tunes
TUC Top Tunes Country Pack
TUFP Top Tunes Fun Pack
TZL Tropical Zone Latin Stars
TZLV Tropical Zone Latin Power VCD
TZVPK Tropical Zone VCD 6 Pack
UB U-Best Laser
UBG UBest Karaoke
UK UK Karaoke
UN United Karaoke Laser
US Ultra Sonic
UV United VCD
VLS Everlasting Love Songs VCD
WO World Laser
WSD World Star DVD
WSV World Star Video VCD
ZAD Zoom Addicted To Karaoke DVD
ZJB Zoom Jukebox Classic Oldies
ZKL Zoom Legends
ZM Zoom Karaoke Hits
ZMG Zoom Karaoke Golden Years
ZMP Zoom Platinum Artists
ZMPP Zoom Pop Pack
ZSM Zoom Song Master Series
ZTP Zoom Turbo Packs
ZVS Zoom Vocal Stars

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